Junior Golf

Junior Golf Development Programs

Level I  -  Teaching Tots

Thirty (30) minute complimentary clinic for those budding golfers ages 6 and under.
General introduction to the game in a fun and exciting class.

Level II  -  Junior Golf Camp

Three (3) Day Camp for golfers age 7-12.  Choose from one of two sessions. Your junior will enjoy 18 hours of learning all aspects of the game starting with the basics and building into mechanics from putting techniques to shot options to play in certain scenarios.  Several enjoyable competitions will keep motivation and involvement levels high.

Level III  -  PGA Junior League

PGA Junior League Golf is a fun, social and inclusive opportunity for boys and girls ages 13 and under to learn and enjoy the game of golf. Much like other recreational league sports, participants wear numbered jerseys and play on teams with their friends.  CCC’s team is captained by our club professional, who serves as the coach and is at the forefront of creating a welcoming environment for all to enjoy the game. PGA Junior League Golf utilizes a popular scramble format that creates a nurturing environment for learning and development - both on and off course.